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  • janet jack (Saturday, August 13 16 03:06 pm BST)

    In Harvey Leonards loving your pics. Have you got any other Crosby beach photos work the statue and the old fire station neat piccadilly station?

  • Paul (Sunday, August 14 16 02:27 pm BST)

    Hi Janet Jack, I do have more photos available, yes. There are lots more Crosby photos along with the others at my flickr site. If there are any you like on there, just let me know:

  • Paul (Tuesday, August 16 16 08:29 pm BST)

    Gormley and the Dream Statue pictures added.....

  • Craig Southwick (Sunday, September 25 16 02:05 pm BST)

    Love the picture of Bowie in the Northern Quarter in Harvey Leonard's.
    Is this one of yours ?

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